Mick Turrell


I along with my wife Michelle (who answers the phone and answers your questions) moved over from Essex 20 years ago with our 5 kids.
I worked as a police officer, driving their high-speed vehicles and have the certificate to prove it (a personal achievement)! I not only teach you to drive but make you aware of the rules and laws of the road.

I would consider myself to be a laid back and fun instructor, giving you a relaxed and informative experience in getting your licence so you can gain your independence and freedom with a life time of safe driving.

I enjoy fishing and DIY when I get a chance.

Jason Gates


I lived on outskirts of London with my wife and 2 daughters and moved to the island in 2002 and joined Elite in 2006 when it began. I qualified as an approved driving instructor in 1994.

My mission statement is to give everybody quality of instruction from college students through to mature students.